Agid engaged an experience to produce a fact vision of activities of human society.

AGID Principal opérations realised from 1979 until1995

1985 -1986 Oiseau pylône

Monumental sculpture for the town of Orly, realized in the logic of construction of high tension pylons, galvanized steel. Engineering : René Bedlewski. State commission: Town of Orly, Ile de France regional counscil, Ministery of culture.

1986 -1987 En fer- élément

Monumental exhibition in the Vallée des usines for prefiguration of art center in Thiers, France (see Matrice d’Entraygues from 1997). Production Ville de Thiers, Regionnal Culture Direction, private partners.

1988 -1989 Œil émergence

Action and monumental sculpture in painted steel, realized with industry of naval tinman’s work. La Ciotat, France. Production : Association l’oeil-émergence.


1986 – 1988 Kin – domaines, Zaïre

A painting about Kinshasa

Moment of air, Syria

Works and exhibitions about Damas. Production ; Agid, AFAA, French cultural services, Culture and communication Ministery.


Two operations using standart production systems :

1989-1991 : Postlight, ethic system

Full scale project for Valley of Tarentaise on the idea of « consensus as state of desaccord ».
Production : Club Européen de la Couleur, Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs Rhône Alpes, EDF, private partnerships.

Œuilly, Flash en Champagne

Urban installation in the town of Œuilly in France, using the domain of the vine growing. Installations, ephemeral sculptures, realized with the viticulture industrial technology and activities, event with transformation of the cooperative in a museum for day and night.
Production : Agid, Town of Œuilly, private partnership.


Introduction for numeric image process :

1979-1988 : Numeric paintings and sculptures

technnogic study about interaction between images

1988-1996 Objet de monde

numeric sculptures conceived by standart industrial process.

Point, perspective iconographique

Creation of a set of numeric pictures about image writings. multi point of view, dynamic image 2D/ 3D.
Production : Agid, A2i, DAP Délégation aux Arts Plastiques.

1990-1997 Zoomscreen

Photopictural work finalised in 1997 with Thomson Multimédia’s order for a building renewed by Patrick Bouchain.


Planetary experience during five years between Pacific and Atlantic :

1991-1995 A point of view of everywhere

Set of works on New York and its suburbs. Presentation of composite images, diaporamas, collection of objects at the exhibition A Fly in New York.
Image-concert with NYC Ape Orchestra, Fondation Cartier, Paris : D’ailleurs

From 1995 : « Thing storage »,

Creation of a collection between New York and Paris (storage in Europe and USA combined). Production Agid, french Foreign Ministery.

1991-1995 « Co- »

Collection of works (pictures, paintings, drawings, diaporama, objects, publications,) analyzing the relation between Oceania and Europe by the notion of cohabitation. Several actions in new Caledonia in Pacific, principaly :
– Flèche de Thio project for a monumental sculpture for New Caledonia.
– Co-Objet médiateur museal exhibition in the whole Territorial Museum of New Caledonia, Noumea, curator Emmanuel Kasarherou.
Production : Agid, Direction of cultural affairs city of Thio, of New Caledonia, ADCK Association for Kanak cultural developement, Museum of Noumea, Ministery of Culture, private partners.


Urban activ study about a city in mutation on a geo-historical corridor :

1993-1995 Plateforme

Artistic study for the project of development of Lautagne’s plateau ordered by the State commission in the town of Valence in France. Urban proposal: Lautagne’s plateau is treated as a geological sculpture connected to the peripheric city.

De l’agriculture au tertiaire

museal exhibition in the whole Beaux Arts Museum of Valence, subject : activities domains transformation, curator Hélène Moulin
Production : Regional Direction of cultural affairs Rhône Alpes, Ville de Valence, SEM Lautagne, Délégation aux Arts Plastiques, Light study Laurent Fachard, LEA.


1982-1984 Petits mondes

Exposition Centre culturel de Villeparisis, curator Jaques Guillot.

Dessins Galerie

Le dessin, Claire Burrus, Marie Hélène Montenay.

1992 Panoramic

Synthetical pictures classical exhibition, Galerie de l’ancienne poste, Le Channel, Calais France, curator Marie Thérèse Champesme.